Guru Maharaj: Well we are going to come out with a series of videos, from the most experienced and expert bhakti vrksa preachers. So this should be an inspiration. Sometimes people don’t actually do bhakti vrksa, but they call it bhakti vrksa. I don’t know, if what you are doing is exactly according to the book, bhakti vrksa. Some people come, but then the next week, they don’t come. So it doesn’t hurt for you to call them up and ask, are you alright? You missed coming today so I was wondering if you are sick or something. Even if they are not sick, the fact that you expressed care for them, interest in them, may make them feel more obliged to come the next week. During the bhakti vrksa meetings, some people are not interested in being so active. They would rather sit down and just listen. So the younger people, the more active people, they like the interactive nature of the bhakti vrksa. But some people, they are not so inclined. So I don’t know if you are preaching to the right people. So if you have the people participate, if they also speak up during the bhakti vrksa discussion, then they just may like it, and come back for more.
(Question from Suvinayaka Nityananda das)