Jayapataka Swami:  You see Gaurāṅga Mahāprabhu. He was able to bring all the people of Navadvīpa under His leadership,and they all marched in kīrtana on the house of the Chand Kazi. Unfortunately, in most communist countries, we are not able to get all the people mobilized. But I think they could appreciate that Lord Caitanya being the Supreme Personality of Godhead,He was able to mobilize everybody, therefore they could do civil disobedience. Maybe in the communist countries, where we have a minor presence,so we cannot do civil disobedience, but we try to blend into the population. I was seeing that, in some communist countries, they have face recognition, and they keep track of all the people. As long as we are not against the government, they don’t usually care too much. But we try to spread our message without offending anyone. But certainly, it is very beneficial that people are trying, practicing their Kṛṣṇa consciousness; even in great difficulties. Lord Kṛṣṇa certainly appreciates their sacrifice.