Jayapataka Swami: Seems like you have realized that you need to communicate with people and that they may have changed. We want to help people, and not be influenced by our previous perceptions, or impressions. And rather give people a chance to be Krsna conscious. Try to help them to overcome any obstacles. That was why Lord Nityananda, even though He was beaten by Madhai, He said that just because you caused Me to bleed, does that mean that I won’t give you love of Godhead? Ha! So we have such examples. Maybe our bad impression is due to much lighter things. So we should give people a chance and try to outreach to them. So that they understand the real meaning of Krsna consciousness. And that they will be amazed that you are still willing to help them even though they have treated you badly in the past. We have committed so many offences to Lord Caitanya,to Radha Madhava and the Lord is so merciful, He can forgive us for offences made to Him. Now if we want the Lord to forgive us, we should also be forgiving, to forgive others. Hare Krsna!