Guru Maharaj: This is the advantage maybe of being a brahmacari. That you don’t have the intense office work. But anyway, in the office environment, as you move up the ladder, sometimes you have less time, sometimes you get more time. I had some disciple, they said they got a job as a director in some company. They could delegate different jobs and do all their required work in a few hours. And have more time for their preaching and other services. It is hard to understand what the particular job is. It is kind of a disadvantage working in a place. I heard that sometimes the IT professionals, they make them work more than 8 hours, like 12 hours. And so, sometimes, it is a different situation. And you know, some people, they make them work, but they don’t actually have to do much. They have set up some program on their computer that shows that they are working! Ha ! But they are chanting their japa! And their computer automatically types. When I first came to ISKCON in 1968, we didn’t have many books. We had to take different jobs. Although I was from a very rich family, since I was looking for a temporary job just to pay for Srila Prabhupada’s rent, I had to work in many menial jobs. Some plastic factory, paint factory, all kinds of jobs. And finally I got a printing job. So while I was doing the work I would chant Hare Krsna. But I can understand that there is a problem working. So try to do the best you can.