Guru Maharaj: Part of preaching is to help the people, to tolerate the different obstacles. We may encounter obstacles from their relatives, from the internet. Who knows what people say what they see! So we have to be ready to answer any questions that come up. Or prepare the people to endure any kind of obstacles. There was one devotee who was kidnapped by the de-programmers. Exactly a few days before she was kidnapped, I called her and encouraged her just generally. Then she was kidnapped.They tore up the Bhagavad-gita,they jumped on the Gita and did all kinds of offensive things.But she remembered that I was kind to her. She went through some difficult times. Then she escaped from that place and came back to the devotees.So we don’t know, we do at least our part, be positive, give them association, and if someone turns away, the fact that we are ready to help, we ask them, you used to come, and like that try to find out what are the things they heard. And like that try to help them. It is not easy to make a devotee. Srila Prabhupada said that it takes buckets of blood to make a devotee.