Guru Maharaj: The secret is depending on Krishna. That Krishna, He has said that, name bhakta pranasyati. My devotee will never perish. So He told Arjuna to broadcast this. And so I felt that Krishna He was always protecting me. And I think any devotee can also feel like that. Up until 2008 I did not have any health problem, but in 2008 October, I had a stroke and the doctors said that I had zero chance of survival. Then all the devotees were praying and somehow I am still here. Then they found out, when I was in the hospital, that I had Hepatitis C, for which there was no cure at that time. But the only cure was only 40% successful, but maybe there were many side effects. So the doctors advised me to not take that cure. Because small percent of success and high risk. Anyway, somehow Krishna always helped me. And I think that is the secret, to depend on Krishna all the time.