Jayapataka Swami: Nrsimhadeva has His own loka in the spiritual world. But since Bali maharaj is the grandson of Prahlada Maharaj, and since Bali maharaj gave the whole world in charity to Vamanadeva, in the form of three steps, He took the whole universe in two steps. Then He asked where can I put the third step. So Bali maharaj said, on my head. So then he arrested Bali maharaj, because he couldn’t fulfill his promise. And later, He agreed that Bali maharaj stayed in a -3 level below the earth, called the Sutala. There the Lord said that He would be the gatekeeper of Bali maharaj. And then no one could attack Bali maharaj. So, I think Prahlada is on the same planet at the present time. Maybe later he goes to the spiritual world. Haribol!