Jayapataka Swami: You see, all the devotees of the Lord are very dear to Krsna and even the wife she is very dear to Krsna. So if someone maltreats the wife or feels envious against another devotee, Krsna will get pain by that. So we don’t want to give Krsna pain, we want to give Him pleasure. So we should avoid envying anyone. So you can say that is the only vice that cannot be dovetailed in Krsna conscious. We can dovetail greed, we can be greedy to make more devotees for Krsna! Ha! We can be angry, angry against those who offend guru and Krsna. Every vice can be somehow dovetailed, except envy. So envy is such an evil and detrimental thing. We should see the good qualities of others, like Caitanya Mahaprabhu says in the third verse of His Siksastakam, amaanina manadena, offer all respect to others, don’t expect any respect for yourself. Hare Krsna!