Jayapataka Swami: Lord Caitanya is showing how to enthusiastically perform devotion on a daily basis. Which day doesn’t He show enthusiastic devotional service? What example are you following? What else is there to be enthusiastic over? Material sense gratification? Devotional service is the only thing to be enthusiastic about. Material life, sometimes you enjoy, sometimes you suffer, and being enthusiastic doesn’t make any difference. You are going to suffer, anyway. People are very enthusiastic, but the corona virus does not respond to enthusiasm! Ha!  Rather being Krsna conscious is the real purpose of life, and we should try to always chant. We see how these pastimes of Lord Caitanya are so wonderful, and won’t you like to be part of these pastimes, in the future? Ha! Ha! That is reason enough to be enthusiastic! So that is why devotees are positive, optimistic about their spiritual life. And pessimistic about material enjoyment. Anyway, we want to render devotional service to Krsna, and we pray for His mercy to do so. I pray for the devotees every day before the deities, to be enthusiastic in their preaching, and I was very happy to hear that recently in Chennai, they advertised a 18 day yagna to study the Bhagavad-gita, one chapter a day. They expected about 100 new people to attend, but 3000 devotees attended, new people! They wanted to know so much what does the Bhagavad-gita say! So please be enthusiastic now. The people are hungry for devotional service.