Jayapataka Swami: Today like the way we have been given time on Zoom, may be Mahavaraha prabhu can allocate a day every week or ten days to meet with you and discuss. And you all have the facility because a lot of you disciples are staying together, and there could be problems when you go preaching. But this way we being one family in ISKCON, many senior devotees wish to help all of you. Bhakti Caru maharaj had been taking care of many devotees, and that way all the devotees want to reciprocate that care to all you maharaj’s disciples. I will try too but I am in Mayapur. I will have to stay here in Mayapur for long. Don’t know when this pandemic will end. Bhakti Caru maharaj even though he was older, he was quite healthy. I have many health issues. I take immunosuppressant drugs now. Otherwise, there is a possibility that  the new liver and kidney will be rejected by my body. That is why I am taking the medicine that the body accepts these new organs. That is why, because I am taking these immunosuppressant drugs, I am more vulnerable to the diseases. That is why I stay at home, don’t go anywhere. But I want to assist all of you. Hare Krsna!