Jayapataka Swami:  You see, like in New York city there is a city where many Brazilians go and one store had a doorman who was very against devotees. A devotee stood in front of his store and tried to see a book, a Bhagavad-gita. He came out, he took the book and threw it and jumped on it and said, these people are BAD! That was a hindrance. So, Christmas came. Devotees would run past that store, not in front. In Christmas, they give out Christmas cookies. So, one distributor saw that this doorman was watching him give out cookies to people. So then he gave a cookie to the doorman. He ate it. He came out to the devotee and asked him, do you have more? Yes, take it. Then he ate it! Very good! And in the future, if someone came, he would walk up and say, these are good people, BUY A BOOK! BUY A BOOK! Yes sir, yes sir, they would say. That is what you call hindrance and you make a hindrance into a favor. But if you are preaching, someone else comes and they preach, what is the problem? If a person preaches and the end product is that he or she is more Krsna conscious, then that is good!