Jayapataka Swami: You see, this is the difficulty with working in the material world. And one chooses to work in the material world, or to be part of the ashram, few devotes join the ashram, many people work outside. So working outside, then these are the problems. I asked a group of people, who of you have crazy bosses? Everybody raised their hands!! Ha! They all thought their bosses were crazy! So this is all a part of life. If you work in the material world, they pay you money, they don’t love you! This is a business deal! You work, you make them money, they pay you money! So devotional service is a different situation. So that is why Lord Caitanya said, we should do yukta vairagya. We should do the devotional service and engage our different activities. That is why I was saying that at least if your house is Krsna conscious, then you can have some respite or some peace. But if the house is not peaceful, if the work is not peaceful, then you won’t be peaceful! Ha! So that is why some of us live in the ashram! Ha! Ashram also has difficulty, everywhere it is difficult. So, in the ashram maybe the person you are staying with is not so clean or something! Who knows! But at least they are Krsna conscious, they are trying to serve Krsna. So anyway whether one is in yukta vairagya or one is living in the ashram, he has to understand that the material word is not the place for a gentlemen man or gentle woman, that the material world is a difficult place! And that is why we are trying to transfer you to the spiritual world. Haribol!