Jayapataka Swami: In the path of bhakti, there are different stages, adhau shradha, first stage, then association with devotees, then bhajana kriya, when one takes initiation, then the next stage is anarta nivritti, that is sometime one is very strong, or very weak. So this is one of the anartas. We have to make a commitment that I will do this, and when we are weak we neglect it. So this is the anarta nivritti stage. We chant, and meticulously try to get over the stage. Then we reach the stage of nista. Which is the steady devotional service. From nista we reach the stage of ruci, when one has a taste for devotional service. Then we reach the stage of aasakti and get attached to that taste, and then from that stage you achieve ecstatic love for Krsna. So it is very important that we continue with our devotional service. And then naturally we can go up step by step. That is why we are supposed to chant 16 rounds a day. But sometimes a person one day misses, maybe chants 12 rounds because of this or that emergency. So then they should keep track and next day make up and in this way, he can be steady. But if one you missed, then ok, I missed! Never give up, keep on trying! Make up! In this way, eventually you become fixed.