Jayapataka Swami: Are you watching from Melbourne? Must be late at night! So someone was commenting that by this lockdown, you can appreciate how the association of devotees is so important. Because we are deprived, so then naturally we appreciate the devotees’ association more. Of course you have to associate using the internet, what’sapp, telegram, zoom, Facebook, etc. Instagram. It is not exactly the same, but better than nothing! Ha! It helps us to appreciate how wonderful association of vaisnavas is! That is one reason I try to have our association, with different devotees on Zoom. Last night we visited devotees in Russia. And the night before, devotees in North America. Before that, devotees in South America, Latin America. Sometime ago I visited the devotees in Australia. But if you want we can try to visit again. I don’t know if you are in lockdown in Australia. They told me in America, Monday to Fri they work from home. So they cannot attend, I have to give a class on Saturday or Sunday. What is the situation in Australia? Here in the morning would be late afternoon there. So every other day I have some TOVP meetings, and 8 o clock at night will be very late in Australia. So we have to meet around 11 or 12. So please send your text.