Jayapataka Swami: You have to see what the local situation is. And see who calls the shots. You know, in some places, people are advised to stay in the house and they are self-quarantined.  In that case, doing Harinam outside and book distribution would not be possible. They are advising not to shake hands, not to kiss! Someone in Italy said, I cannot follow, I have to kiss!! Ha! I am from Sicily! So, everyone recommends that we should wash our hands with soap, frequently, especially before we eat. And not to touch our face. Some lady, newscaster, she was showing how it is not possible not to touch the face. In one minute, 13 times she would touch her face! Itching in the nose, eyes. So I don’t know, what is possible? Sometimes, some yogis say that is just an air borne disease. So by chanting mantras, the disease won’t affect you. I don’t know. But at least we can wash our hands! Ha! Ha! We can avoid kissing and shaking hands! Someone in the newscast said we all become like Indians, Namaste! (Fold hands) There could be worse things! So you have to see the situation in each country. In Iran, they have banned the Friday prayers. I was thinking that here in Mayapur we are having mangala aratis and huge crowds of devotees! Of course if anyone gets sick it could be an emergency situation. But anyway we are requesting people to see to their personal hygiene, don’t shake hands, don’t touch, just general advice. But, it is hard to say, we don’t unnecessarily want to not chant Hare Krsna! And, if it becomes very serious, we all will be watching mangala arati on Mayapur TV, that is what I do! Because the doctor says I should avoid crowds! They should announce, they always announce that ladies should go for Tulasi puja behind Nrsimhadeva. They never say the men should come this side. I saw that sometimes the men are there with the ladies and their family, ha! Ha! And I don’t know what happened! But they announce that if anyone is coughing or sneezing or with a cold, they should not go to the temple. They should have themselves checked in the hospital.