Jayapataka Swami: This is a big problem in India that although people are vegetarian, they eat onion and garlic. Actually, the onion and garlic, we can’t offer to any – what to speak of Viṣṇu – even Śiva or Durgā, anyone. Because, the śāstra says that onion and garlic came from the dead body of a cow. A king killed a cow with his chariot, and from the dead body of the cow, came garlic and onion. So that, by eating onion and garlic, one gets the karma of killing a cow. As many hairs on a cow’s body, is how many thousands of years you have to spend in hell. So naturally, one should not take onion and garlic. But somehow people are very addicted to taking. You can take hing or asafoetida,that gives a taste similar to onion, but it’s considered in the mode of goodness. You can offer that to Kṛṣṇa. There are also on the internet,scientific research on onion and garlic. There are people who say,how it is detrimental to the health. Whether one wants science or scripture, in both cases one should not eat onion or garlic. So somehow, if the girls can convince their parents not to eat onion and garlic, at least not to force them to eat it, that’s the solution.