Guru Maharaj: Of course it says that, if you bathe in the Radha Kunda you should only do that as an obeisance. Quick in out, put the water on your head first and the idea is that you get the mood of Radharani. Many people don’t bathe in the Radha Kunda because they are afraid of committing some offense. Actually by the mercy of Lord Chaitanya, we can get the love of Krishna very easily and just by Their mercy it is possible. As we said, this is a gradual process and it may take some time to manifest due to our various offenses.We should try to avoid offense and If we read, some pastimes give the phalashruti, that we will develop Govinda bhakti, or we will develop love of Krishna. So if we are not developing, then it must mean that we must have committed some offense, and we pray that in the future we become evolved. So I do hope you will achieve your Krishna Prema. Obviously there are different steps. It’s summarized in three steps vidhi marg, bhava bhakti and prema bhakti. Or you can expand it as the 8 steps shraddha, satsanga, bhajana kriya, anarta nivrtti, nishta, ruchi, asakti, bhava and then prema. I don’t know which level you are at now. We take the medicine, and go up step by step. Hare Krishna.
06-Aug-2020 Śrīdhām Māyāpur, India