Guru Maharaj: You see in Goloka Vrindavan, Krishna goes to Mathura and come back every two weeks. In this Lila Radharani cursed Sridham and therefore Sridham cursed Radharani and told her that she will be deprived of association of Krishna for 100 years.But she cursed Sridham that he will be a demon for kalpas, and he cursed her that for 100 years. Anyway Krishna says He never leaves Vrindavan, He will still be there, but invisible. So the mood of the Vrajavasis in separation of Krishna is something that is very special, and somehow in the mood of separation the ecstasy is higher. In Radharani’s ecstasy of separation, She was sometimes thinking like a mad woman, sometimes She would faint. When She fainted then Krishna fainted. When Krishna faints the whole universe stop, Balaram has to wake Krishna up, and then the universe starts again. So the pastimes of Radha and Krishna are inconceivable, so we shouldn’t be so disturbed. Although the Vrajavasis were feeling so much lamentation in the absence of Krishna.In the absence of Krishna, they would see Krishna before them, they had the vision that Krishna is there. In Vrindavan Parakīya ras, in Dwaraka svakīya ras.
06-Aug-2020 Śrīdhām Māyāpur, India