Guru Maharaj:  Actually, Sankaracarya was an incarnation of Lord Siva. And He was told to bring the Buddhists back to the Vedic dharma, by preaching mayavada. So we should not listen to mayavada, because they are saying that we are all God. But some things Sankaracarya did were also His presentation as a devotee of Krsna. That He told the followers that don’t be foolish, and just argue. You should worship Krsna. He also said that Krsna, Narayana is transcendental. So what we receive from the vaisnava acaryas, since some things Sankaracarya said were also alright. So we don’t have a discrimination. We cannot understand what is right, what is wrong. So therefore, what we receive from our vaisnava acaryas, that is alright. But the fact that Sankaracarya said that Narayana is transcendental, is something that we quote. Because many people follow Sankaracarya. So actually He said that Narayana, Krsna is transcendental. And so some of His prayers are also accepted by the vaisnavas, not considered to be mayavada. So, we should accept the teachings from a vaisnava spiritual master. So please take advantage of this opportunity to serve the Lord. And when things open up, come visit us in Mayapur!