Jayapataka Swami: I don’t know why you and your husband cannot live with devotees happily. Is that because of you being positive with COVID-19, therefore you are self-quarantined to cure the disease? Unfortunately, this pandemic is going around the world, and if one proves positive, then he may spread it to others. So, they keep such people separated, quarantined, until they are cured. Then they cannot associate with devotees. So, we have some alternative treatment which helped some devotees, who had early symptoms. But if you have become very advanced, it is quite difficult to cure. Now there is no treatment, but they try different things. We hope that you will recover and can associate with devotees. If there is some other reason why you cannot associate with devotees, I don’t know, you can write me a letter to my email, and I will consider your situation. It is not a philosophical issue, that’s it’s a personal issue.