Guru Maharaj: Very good question. I think that the people in their working lives, they should save ahead for their retirement. Then the point is that, we are not like in the Dvapara yuga or other yugas, that we go to the forest. Now there is no forest, they have cut all down! So anyway, the point is that, we can concentrate on preaching and spreading Krsna consciousness. Some people retired from the Middle East, and bought a flat in Mayapur, and they are staying here doing some seva. So, they attend Mangala Arati, they go to temple programs. They use their abilities to do seva for the temple. This way, they study Srila Prabhupada books, and they do seva. So this is more practical, in the present scenario.
07-Nov-2020  Śrī Māyāpur Dham, India