Jayapataka Swami: It is said that Lord Caitanya, He went throughout Navadvīpa city,and there they describe the different parts as towns. But in modern usage, we would call them as neighborhoods. In London, they call the different parts of the city as boroughs or towns,and therefore since Birmingham is one city, they say that it is the biggest city in the UK, because London is actually many cities combined. That’s kind of an internal management process. We all know that it is one city, and the Mayor of London is for all the boroughs. As far as I know, any way it is said that Lord Caitanya, He went for many days of Brahmā, in the kīrtana,and it seemed that He went through the different neighborhoods of Navadvīpa, on different side of the river,and when He finally reached the Chand Kazi, He had lakhs and millions of people.