Jayapataka Swami: You see everything in the material world has a beginning and an end. But in the spiritual world, there is no beginning and no end! Krsna always existed, the spiritual world always existed! Sometimes the material world is manifest, sometimes it is destroyed. Lord Brahma is creator, Lord Visnu is the maintainer and Lord Siva is the destroyer. So, Visnu is the expansion of Lord Krsna. But generally is a living entity. And Siva, it is said, that Visnu is like milk and Siva is like yogurt. You can turn milk to dahi (yogurt) but you cannot turn dahi to milk. So Krsna has no beginning, no end. We are in the material world, because we wanted to experience life separate from Krsna. In the spiritual world, everyone is conscious of Krsna, Narayana. And their relationship there is one of love. But we are given minute independence, love means it has to be voluntary. So Krsna’s qualities are so wonderful that if we associate with His devotees, we read His scriptures in the sastras, we naturally awaken our love for Krsna. But if we don’t want to love Krsna, then He gives you this material world as an alternative. That is why we are encouraging that you should go back, this is not your place! Here people are working for a company, but there is no love. Now because of the COVID crisis, many companies are laying off workers. But Krsna never lays off His devotees! So this material world is not a place for a gentle man or gentle lady! Krsna is willing to take us back. We should simply desire. Hare Krsna!