Jayapataka Swami: We can see how someone can influence that person to stop being offensive. If they are elderly people like your father in law or mother in law, get some elder person to talk to them. If it is your wife or spouse, then see how, who can establish a good relationship. In some cases – I went and had to talk with the spouse and after that they changed their heart. So we should not ignore this offensive mentality. We should see how they could be purified, how they can stop this offensiveness. Devananda Pandita, he offended Srivasa Thakura, and his relative was Vakreswara Pandita. Vakreswara Pandita preached to him, about how his behaviour was improper. And what the position of Lord Caitanya was. Then Devananda Pandita, by the influence of his relative Vakreswara Pandita, he apologized to Srivasa, and thus he was accepted by Lord Caitanya. So we can learn from this example that if some relative is negative, see if there is some relative person that that person can relate with them, who can speak in favor of the devotees. My purvasrama mother, she was in a group that preached to parents of the devotees, that being a devotee is not that bad! Ha! Parents of Friends of Lord Krsna. And thus she made many parents favorable!