Jayapataka Swami: Ladies, they have to do a lot of house work. They ask me similar questions. But you see to be working plus have to do the house work. So, the thing is that now we have the Bhagavad-gītā and different books in audio format. You can have an IPod and listen to the audio, Gītā and other audio śāstras. So in this way while doing your work like washing and cooking, you can hear the śāstra. But also you can download the classes from the internet, there is my Jayapatākā Swami App. That gives access to the different JPS Archives and different programs so you can hear the classes. Many other things are there like Sound Cloud. You can also attend my daily classes which I give at 7 pm. And so there are different ways where you can hear classes, you can associate, on Facebook, YouTube. You can download and you could also associate with different devotees, virtually. So there must be also classes of the IYF which you can attend. So this way you can get some devotee association. Actually, as I said, I don’t have much personal contact with the devotees. But all day long, I am meeting devotees. And I don’t even feel that I am not meeting them. I feel contact with them, as I feel contact with you! It used to be that only association was face to face, now we can contact each other virtually.