Jayapataka Swami: I would hope that this determination will enter into you! Ha! Ha! By understanding how this material world has got so many problems, it is a dukhalaya. And that it is a temporary world. My dear spiritual daughter we should always remember how the Lord is very kind. Lord Caitanya is karuna sagara, ocean of mercy. Lord Krsna also, we refer to Him as Hey Krsna karuna sindhu, He is an ocean of mercy. So by His mercy, we can burn up some of our karmas by suffering. So in that way, we can go back to Krsna at the end of this life. So you should take any suffering as a special mercy. Sometimes we enjoy, we don’t complain! But when we suffer we complain. But in this world there will be enjoyment, there will be suffering. We read this morning how Srila Prabhupada said that in the spiritual world how there is trees, animals, land, but there, there no old age, no disease no death. So some people they get transferred there. There they can serve directly, the Lord. But we have a great opportunity here that we can serve the Lord also! And that is the real thing. That is the real perfection, to be able to serve the Lord. That even in spite of your health issues if you are determined to serve the Lord, then you will get special mercy!