Jayapataka Swami: The Upadesamrita says we should avoid association with non-devotees, and it also recommends we should have the association of devotees. So if you live far away from the devotees, that is difficult situation. If you live too close with the non-devotees, you may get distracted. I don’t know if there are any devotees nearby you. But now there is the possibility of the internet to associate with devotees, like the last person I talked to was in Los Angeles. So, using this internet, we can contact, we can see and talk to devotees anywhere in the world. You can see the Mayapur mangalaarati, it is 4.30 am in India, what time will it be in Japan? 3-4 hours difference. So maybe like 8 o’clock in Japan. Somehow, you should always remember Krsna and never forget Him. By reading, by listening to classes, by seeing the different spiritual programs. Los Angeles temple also has their programs broadcast. Somewhere there is mangala arati going on all the time. So one way to keep yourself Krsna conscious is to have regular spiritual programs.