Jayapataka Swami: I cannot say that this is the only thing that Lord Caitanya asked His mother. He asked for different things. But any way, Ekadasi is considered to be the day of Hari and they call that the Hari vasa. The day of Hari. Anything you do on that day, is multiplied by a 100 times and first, all the sins in the world have been put in the grains and pulses. So on that day we don’t take any grains, cereals or pulses. And of course, if one does a full fast, then you can get certain extreme benefits. So like, a person who was very sinful, he was the youngest child of a noble king. So as a result, finally he was doing so many sinful things, that he was thrown out of the house. Before he was a prince, he became disowned by his father. So, he did not have any money. He sold his royal ornaments and then he was broke. And even the prostitutes that he was with, they criticized him and said, you poor man, and they left him. And he had nothing. And then he was arrested for stealing, and then finding out that he was the king’s son, they let him go. After many times, they got fed up and beat him up. And so then he fled to the forest and there he was – it is a long story, he was killing animals and eating. One day he met a rishi in the forest who had just come out of bathing in the Ganges. The water was still dripping from his body. Some of the drops fell on that sinful man, and immediately he got purified. He asked the rishi, I am very sinful what can I do to become free of all these things? He said, that coming up is the Mohini Ekadasi, the Ekadasi that we are observing today. He said, if you completely fast, on this Ekadasi, you will get freed from all your sins. So then he said, I will observe. So he observed this Ekadasi, he got completely purified and got an effulgent body, and Garuda came and took him back to Godhead! Haribol! Just by this one Ekadasi!