Guru Maharaj: This is a relative question. Because I don’t know what the service is. If there is some emergency service, something that has to be done, then you have to do it. And so being a grihasta not possible every morning to do all our rounds. If your child is crying, no, I will do my japa now! Ha! Ha! So I don’t know what the service is. But we have to learn how to chant all the time. Certainly, morning chanting is ideal, because it is brahma muhurta hour. Sometimes, we cannot do all our chanting in brahma muhurta, but it is not always. I don’t think normally there will be much service in the morning. But sometimes, there might be. In that case you have to learn. Chanting 16 rounds takes maximum 2 hours. So somehow during the day, you can make up your rounds, you have 24 hours.
03-Nov-2020 Sridham Mayapur