Guru Maharaj: Serving the Lord in separation gives us a special happiness. This material world, one day or other we have to leave each other. In this material world we understand that we are not this body, we are the atma. The atma, soul, never dies. Bhakti Caru maharaj is there, there is no time he is not there. But he has probably gone to Srila Prabhupada. I had the good fortune to serve him physically. We were fortunate to hear his lectures, his instructions, when he was in this world. But now we can still hear him by way of tapes, videos, but we don’t have the opportunity now to serve him physically. But Caitanya Deva has taught us that how we can serve Krsna in separation. Now, if we think this way that we are separated from Krsna and to serve in separation is very difficult. But that service in separation is the real thing and the real rasa. Now once in Orleans airport there was this person who came out and said, today is my worst day, I will not take a book. The book distributor told him, we can help you, please tell us why is this your worst day? He said, why did I study, why did I pass BA, why did I get married? All this, for the sake of mother’s happiness! But my mother passed away! The book distributor said, no, no, your mother is still here. In this Bhagavad-gita it is mentioned that the soul never dies. And the man said, is that so? Is that what is written? Can I get this book? The book distributor said, sure take it. Then he took the book. This way, for sometime you had association with gurudev and now if you are in separation, this is the real thing. This material world our friends, relatives pass away and they think that is the end, but we do not think that way. We know that he is there and he is seeing what we are doing. This way, earlier we did not give so much importance to his association but now in separation we are giving a lot of importance. So if now we follow his instructions, then we will always be with him.