Jayapataka Swami: What is six kleshas? Anyway, as far as to be forgiven for any offence, Mother Saci had offended Advaita Gosain. So Lord Caitanya said, you should be forgiven by Advaita. But when she went to Advaita Goswami and begged for forgiveness, He was glorifying mother Saci, saying how can I be offended by her! And He fainted ecstatic over singing the glories of Mother Saci. Then Lord Caitanya said, He is not going to forgive you. He is not accepting that He was offended. So you take the dust from His feet, you will be forgiven for your offence. So she took the dust from Advaita’s lotus feet and then she put it on her head, and thus she was forgiven. So, we have this example. To get forgiven, take the dust from the lotus feet of whom you have offended, otherwise, constantly chant Hare Krsna and repent. But that will take you a longer time.