Jayapataka Swami: Rendering unalloyed service to Krsna is a very rare thing. And we heard that, out of millions of people, one person looks for spiritual life. Out of thousands of those who seek spiritual life, one finds it. Of those thousands who find it, it is rare that one that becomes fully Krsna conscious. So, we should encourage everyone to serve Krsna. And we should be a good example of pure, unalloyed love. We should be serving the Lord without any ulterior motives. That way, naturally we will feel very blissful. That will inspire others to also take it up, selflessly. So thank you very much for your enthusiasm. We see that just as the waters of the rivers go to the ocean, we can see your devotion is heading towards Krsna. Normally, the heart is thinking of all material things. So, if you are thinking about serving Krsna, and bringing people closer to Krsna, then naturally, you will get special mercy. Hare Krsna!