Jayapataka Swami: By practicing the process of bhakti yoga, naturally we develop or grow internally. So part of that is hearing and chanting the holy names, part of that is devotional service, part of that is hearing the pastimes of the Lord. By all these aspects of devotional service, your internal realization increases. As you surrender to Krsna, He will reveal more and more to you! So by taking shelter of the spiritual master, Krsna also reveals Himself. It is a gradual process, but it happens! Srila Prabhupada said, it took him 20 years to achieve perfection. How long will it take us? Ha! Ha! Ha! So it is a gradual process. But Srila Prabhupada was saying that his devotees are pure devotees. But they are like mangoes, some are green some are ripe. So as you ripen, you grow internally. Haribol!