Guru Maharaj: I think Arjuna asked a similar question and Krishna said, that by the sword of knowledge he should cut the knots of illusion. So there are different ways to overcome. One is knowledge, we have to have knowledge. But if someone is like in Gajendra Moksa lila, the elephant king and the crocodile king were fighting with each other. And they were in the water. So the elephant realized, he is a land animal, and the crocodile was a water animal, so the crocodile was gradually winning. Then he prayed to Vishnu. He could remember in his previous life he was a human being, and he was saved by Vishnu. In the purport Srila Prabhupada says that we should see which place we are stronger to fight maya. Even though we may have knowledge and wisdom, may be our nature is such that we should be a grihasta. But if we can control our lust by knowledge and engaging in service, keep our mind off from the objects of lust, maybe that is sufficient.