Guru Maharaj: You see, the devas they prayed to Lord Caitanya, they only have two problems, one is attack by demons and the second one they said, we have so much material happiness, that we forget to worship You. So difficulties are blessings. They help us to remember Krishna. How can you serve Krishna if you have no difficulties? That is what the devas said, the problem is we don’t have any difficulties, so the question of how to make progress in devotional service in difficulties doesn’t make sense to me. If you were in hell and there were so many problems, then it is difficult. And in heaven it is soooo much bliss, so much happiness, sense gratification, then it is difficult. But here in Bhu loka, there is some happiness and some distress, some difficulty, like when I was in Karnataka their new year day is called Ugadi, they usually give a sweet, a laddoo, Ugadi laddoo. That laddoo is like any other laddoo except that it has some neem leaves in it. So when you take that laddoo, aaah, what is this bitter taste! So this is life, some happiness and some bitterness. You shouldn’t think that oh, by doing Bhakti yoga and there is some difficulty, how can I go on?  We should think oh, Krishna, thank you for reminding me that this material world is not a place to stay, I want to serve You. Like in Shikshashtakam, 8th verse, Lord Caitanya said to Krishna, even if You handle me roughly, or if You don’t appear before Me, and make Me very sad, still you are My Master, eternally,  no one else.

19th April 2019
Mumbai, India