Jayapataka Swami: So he is saying, he offends vaisnavas in his mind when he chants japa and reads books, especially. The point is that, we see the good qualities in vasinavas. Vaisnavas may always have some bad qualities. But we should not be like flies that go for the sores. We should be like bumble bees and go for the honey! We should see the good qualities in the vaisnavas, bad qualities in ourselves. We try to improve ourselves, and we see all the good qualities of the vaisnavas. We should not think we are great, instead if we think we are great, other vaisnavas we find fault. So this should be avoided. You can do that if we see the good qualities. Just like Lord Caitanya said in the third verse of His Siksastakam, manadena amaanina. Give respect to all others and don’t expect respect for yourself. Hare Krsna!