Jayapataka Swami: If you want you can take it without water. But I personally never saw Śrīla Prabhupāda observe the Ekādaśī with a complete fast. But Ekādaśīs, you get more fruit, if you observe it fully by no water, stay up the whole night, and then break your fast next day with some milk, and then some grains.
I asked my secretary to read me the glories of the Ekādaśī tomorrow. But he didn’t answer. He said, “He sent a message to another secretary, to tell him how to do it!”So just to hear the glories of Ekādaśī, it usually tells you that the fruitive listening to the Ekādaśī is donating a thousand cows. Every Ekādaśī is different. One Ekādaśī I heard twice, from two different Purāṇas. Each Purāṇa said, “Just hear [about] the Ekādaśī, you get the karma of giving a thousand cows.” So, I gave 2000 cows! Without even observing the Ekādaśī! But then I observed it also. So, I asked, I wanted to hear the glories. Just Google it!
So, we are gearing up to observe the Ciḍā-dahi mahotsava. I am personally going to make a number of offerings to the Deities. The pūjārī said that twelve, but I am planning to do fifteen or more. That day is Daṇḍa mahotsava the day Nityānanda Prabhu punished Dāsa Raghunātha. Nityānanda is very humorous. His punishment is actually a blessing. By that blessing, he got Lord Caitanya’s lotus feet. He became one of the six gosvāmīs, and so many things. So, if you want to participate in the Daṇḍa mahotsava, and get the punishment of Lord Nityānanda; If you want to help Dāsa Raghunātha dāsa, then you could send your donation to Mayapur.com. We have already got, sourced out the different ingredients. We will share the offering with you on the Māyāpur.tv! But if you are fortunate enough to be here in Māyāpur, we will try to give every one of you some prasāda. Haribol!