Guru Maharaj: Well, we have senses in the material world so naturally the senses need a certain amount of satisfaction, that depends on each individual, but that should not be the ultimate goal. In the material world we see that people they make it as a goal that their senses should be happy, but the senses are the source of happiness and the source of suffering. So while there may be some happiness and some suffering, we should tolerate that and we should make our ultimate goal to serve Krishna. And so, there are certain very sinful things we should avoid like taking meat, fish, onion, garlic, like gambling, like taking intoxication, and like having out of marriage illicit sex. So if you are a married person it is natural that there will be some material pleasure then there should also be some suffering, just like to conceive a child there is some happiness, but to have a child, that is also a pain, labor pain so that should not be our ultimate goal. We may have certain desires, but the ultimate desire to serve and love Krishna. Hare Krishna!