Jayapataka Swami: You see, in the madhurya rasa, all the other rasas are included. So, naturally, when Gopala said He was feeling hot, and he wanted sandalwood and camphor, Madhavendra Puri wanted to supply that. There is a pastime that Narada muni asked Krsna who was His greatest devotee. So He asked Narada muni to tell different devotees that He had a headache, and that He needed the dust of the feet of the devotee. So Narada muni went to various devotees, but then when he asked for the dust, from the feet of the devotee, to put on the head of Krsna, They said, no, no, how can He have headache? He is the Supreme Lord. Then he went to the wives, and the wives said how can we put our feet on the head of our husband? Everybody was refusing. Then we went to the gopīs. He said Krsna has a headache. He needs the dust of the feet of His devotee. They said, take, take it! Then he said, don’t you know you will go to hell? They said, we can go to hell but let Krsna get cured. So Madhavendra Puri was like that. When Gopala said He is feeling hot and He needs sandalwood, he immediately went to get it. So this is the mood of the gopīs, that they would do anything for Krsna.