Jayapataka Swami: Why not? The alternative to serving Krsna, is serving maya. And we go after some material desire. We are kicked in the face! That is our choice! That we should see by serving guru and Krsna, what the benefits are and by not serving Them, what the negative things are. If we are intelligent, we should choose to serve guru and Krsna. Krsna is so wonderful, that even if you feel Krsna as an enemy, like Kamsa was always thinking about Krsna, but he thought that Krsna was going to kill me, Krsna is my enemy. Even then, by always thinking about Krsna, he got liberation. So Krsna is so nice, He is so merciful! Any way you think of Him, what to speak of, by bhakti positively, any way you think, even negatively thinking of Him, you get the mercy! What to speak if you think favorably, if you want to serve Krsna, He gives so much mercy! Why don’t you want to serve Krsna? So naturally, we want to serve Krsna. Guru is guiding us how to do that. Hare Krsna.