Guru maharaj: You see there is no stereotype or standard answer that works for all. Everybody is an individual. So we have to adapt for each individual and give them what they are looking for. The answers that they seek. That is why Prabhupad said that it takes buckets of blood to make one devotee. It is not one thing for Indian devotee, one thing for western devotee, it is not easy. You have to understand where each devotee is coming from, what questions they have, what desires they have and how these are all insignificant compared to getting the mercy of Lord Krishna, compared to serving the Lord. So there are many preaching programs which help people to understand the essence of Krishna consciousness. How it applies to their life. If you can apply to the person’s life, then they would be more likely to try it out. But that goes for all people – east, west, north, south. If you know a little bit about them, that will help. Hare Krishna!

19th February 2019
Kolkata, India