Guru Maharaj: If you are able to practice devotional service, if you are able to taste spiritual bliss, if you are able to take shelter of the spiritual master and take initiation, then certainly you have received the mercy of Lord Nityānanda, since Lord Nityānanda gives His mercy to everyone. So, Lord Caitanya said those who are offensive to devotees, who sin on the strength of chanting, they cannot receive the Lord’s mercy. Whether Lord Nityānanda follows the same standard, or He is a little more merciful, that remains to be analyzed. Mādhāi had hit Lord Nityānanda, and offended many devotees. Still Lord Nityānanda gave him mercy. Although Lord Caitanya was willing to destroy him Lord Nityānanda forgave people who offended Him. I cannot put any limit to Lord Nityānanda’s mercy, and the more one prays – aha prabhu nityānanda, premānanda suki, kṛpa koro kāṇa koro, āmi bodo dukhī. Lord Nityānanda, You are filled with ecstatic love, I am suffering, please have Your mercy on me. Nitāi Gaura Haribol! 29-Oct-2020 Śrīdhāma Māyāpur, India