Guru Maharaj: Saci devi had committed an offence to Advaita Gosain. Lord Caitanya said He cannot give her Krsna Prema, because she has offended a vaisnava. EVERYBODY WAS LAMENTING How is that Saci devi was such a great devotee, how she cannot get Krsna Prema? The devotees were crying that Saci devi is not getting Krsna Prema, what is the reason? She was doing such wonderful devotional service, but why still, she will not get Krsna Prema? Lord Caitanya said there is nothing I can do, she has offended a vaisnava. So, she has to get forgiven from Advaita Gosain for her offence. Along with all the devotees, Saci mata went to Advaita Acarya’s house. That time, Lord Caitanya was there. So Advaita Gosain asked, why all these devotees are here? Then they said that Saci mata wants to be forgiven by You. And Advaita Gosain, He became ecstatic, how can I be offended by Saci mata, such a great devotee! Then He started glorifying mother Saci. He glorified her so much, that in the process He fainted. Lord Caitanya told mother Saci, He is not going to forgive You! There is one way only, take the dust of His lotus feet and apply it on your head. I saw, some devotees taking dust from the shoes. Also, there is a place in Navadvipa, Aparadha Bhanjana Kulia Paatt, where you can be forgiven for your vaisnava aparadha. Haribol! Haribol! Next question.