Guru Maharaj:

The whole purpose of bhakti yoga is to develop our intense desire or laulyam to serve Krishna. So it is something that should be increasing as we go on. And it is not a separate endeavor. As we become attached to Sri Radha and Krishna, as we become attached to Lord Caitanya, naturally we want to associate with Them. We are reading in this lila of Lord Chaitanya His leaving Navadvipa, how the devotees are lamenting in separation. They are holding their heads, crying, rolling on the ground. They are completely like wild people. Someone finally tells them, you are very fortunate, that you had a personal relationship with Krishna Chaitanya. And He cares about you. So you should control yourselves, follow His instructions. So like that, someone gave them some instructions. So like that we see how they developed such deep attachment to Lord Chaitanya. We also want to develop that attachment. Lord Chaitanya taught that in this age of Kali, the way we can worship the Lord, is to feel His separation. And in that vipralambha bhava it is not difficult, considering it is Kali yuga, and we are separated from the Lord! May be the repeater is not but I am!!