Guru Maharaj: So the astanga yoga process recommends severe austerities. Like in the middle of winter, sitting in the cold river and meditating. In the hottest day of summer light fire on the four sides, mid-day and then mediate. But we don’t recommend such things. Our austerity is like in this month of Damodara, we offer lamp to Lord Damodara, we don’t take urad dal. We observe Ekadasis. So not very great austerity. I look forward to Ekadasi, my favorite days I can take more vegetables and pandayono, tapioca flour bread. I think Bhakta Bryan knows. So we only take prasadam. We offer bhoga to Krsna and take the remnants. Great austerity! The supreme sacrifice. You have to offer your arepas to Krsna, and then you eat it! Alright! Gopati wants arepas!
03-Nov-2020 Sridham Mayapur