Guru Maharaj: He is asking, ‘how to?’ How to depend on Krishna? These ‘how to’ questions, all these things are in the natural process of devotional service. Ho w to get a taste for chanting? How to practice dev service? It is in Nectar Of Devotion, it is in every book we read. And we develop such a thing gradually. But if you try to develop these qualities, depending on Krishna, associate or follow the footsteps of people that are already depending on Krishna, and then you will be able to do it very quickly. But if you don’t have anyone to follow, that depends on Krishna, then you can practice yourself. But there could be a few slips on the way. You know, if you use your intelligence, then what can you depend on? By selective process you can see that there is nothing that is dependable. There is no one else who is fixed, other than Krishna. So naturally we should depend on Him. If we depend on something else, the president, your member of the legislative assembly, Ha!, your member of parliament, your doctor, all have their limitations. Only Krishna is unlimited. So if you depend on Him, He reciprocates and He protects us. If we depend on something else, like Draupadi, she was holding on to her saree and Dushaasan was pulling. He is a maharathi, she is a woman. Then she just realized I can’t fight it, I have to depend on Krishna. So she raised her hands and said Keshava! Krishna! Keshava! Krishna! and her crying was so sincere, that Krishna became her unlimited saree! So she could not be disgraced in the Kuru assemble. Bhima, at that moment he vowed that he would really kill this guy. Kshatriyas they do such things.
23rd March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India