Jayapataka Swami: The first canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, the cow and bull were beaten by the personality of Kali. The cow and bull were representing dharma. But they found all the faults with other things like their own karma, they didn’t blame the personality of Kali. But Parikshit maharaj he arrested the personality of Kali. Anyway, if someone is causing us difficulty, we don’t hold that person personally responsible. That such things happen because we have done something in the past to deserve it. Maybe not in this life but some previous lives Any way we hope that this person will be saved from any misconceptions. We don’t personally hold any grudge. We don’t wish bad on another. There is a story about this.  So, there was a hunter, he escaped on to a tree from a tiger. The tiger wanted to eat him. There was a bear in the tree. The tiger said to the bear, knock the hunter down and I will eat him. And the bear said, well, he has taken shelter of my tree, I don’t want to knock him down. So then the bear went to sleep. The tiger told the hunter, you knock the bear down and I will eat him. So the hunter knocked the bear, but the bear caught another branch and saved himself. The tiger said, knock down the hunter, he has betrayed you. The bear said, don’t treat one bad deed with another bad deed. So this was said by Sita devi. And from this we can learn that we should not treat another person bad, even if they treat us bad. Krsna will judge them. Let us not do something that Krsna judges us negatively.