Guru Maharaja: It depends a lot on how advanced you are in Krishna consciousness. Like Lochanadas t said, vishaya chariya shei raase mojhiya mukhe bolo Hari Hari!  If you can absorb yourself in the rasa of Lord Nitai Gaur then you can let go ofr the sense gratification. There are different ways to approach lust. All the vices except envy can be dovetailed in Krishna consciousness. So the dovetailing also is said, just like you have itching, you can scratch it but then it comes back or you have a fire. You put ghee in the fire, the fire goes down then it burns up more. So there is no easy way to fight fire with more ghee. Either you use it for Krishna’s service or you have so many nice children that are produced in family life. And maybe some of them have been caused by some material desires. Or some are caused by spiritual desires, to give some soul an opportunity to get back to Krishna in this lifetime. Different people have different capacities, different natures, how they can fight the material desires, some by dovetailing, some by renouncing. So everyone should see their own capacity. In the Gajendra Moksha lila of the 8th canto, Prabhupad gives a very dynamic purport. He said that the elephant was a creature of the dry land. And he was attacked by a crocodile, who was a creature of the water. At that time the elephant was in the water. So he realized that he was losing the battle. The crocodile was in his elements. And the elephant was not So the elephant was getting weak and the crocodile was GETTING STRONGER! So then he surrendered to Krishna, the elephant. In the purport Prabhupad writes, that each individual should see what their positon of strength is. Some may be able to fight it, some may have to dovetail it. So you can read that verse and purport and see which way you can go. But you have to fight any way. That is where if you have a taste for hearing, chanting and serving, then you can see how insignificant the pleasures of this material world are. It lasts only for a few seconds and then you are back to more material suffering.

24th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India