Guru Maharaj: In Calcutta when he gave sannyasa, he told me at that time that I should engage my mind, words and deeds in Krishna’s service. I will say the Sanskrit now since you have the answers already -, mana, kaaya vakya. Mind, body and words. So those things have to be used in Krishna’s service. Being in India, it was somewhat easier to practice sannyasa. Since the Indian ladies were very respectful to sannyasis. And I don’t think there is much culture in the West about sannyasa. So being in India was a benefit. Also at that time in ISKOCN we had mainly asramas, it was mainly men. Maybe in Mayapur there were a few ladies, after some years. But they were very separate. So in my younger age I was very busy in service. And when I would come, Srila Prabhupada he would give me personal guidance, and engage me in different service. So then I would see how he would deal with others, and he would be doing so to teach me how to deal. So like this, it was very interesting, and I have always thought that I could have a career that I can do various things. But this managing Mayapur and managing different projects, then Srila Prabhupada made me a GBC, so that kept me very busy. And so being based in India, he told me to become a soldier in Krishna’s army. And like that, he told me to become an Indian citizen to stay in India and he told me that as a sannyasi, I should travel, I should preach. So like that he gave some instructions There are more things also.