Guru Maharaj: Actually we want to please Krishna and by observing fast on Janamashtami we get special mercy from Krishna.  And actually it says if you eat on Janamashtami, you will end up at Yamaraja’s place.So whether out of fear or love, somehow you should observe. And when we do a little austerity for Krishna, He reciprocates and He never forgets. Now we asked Srila Prabhupada, Krishna makes us fast till midnight, Radharani is only midday why is that? He said Radharani is more merciful Ha! Anyway because we are Krishna’s devotees we especially observe Krishna’s appearance day and on Janamashtami we fast till midnight because He appeared at midnight. Gaur Purnima we fast till moon rise since He appeared in the evening so these are the two Krishna avataras, so we observe that. And there are a lot of glories I read that Madhvacharya said on Janamashtami it is like millions of Ekadasis! I wanted to see that quote, but they didn’t show me yet. Do you have it? I hope that all of the devotees observe the Krishna Janamashtami so that you can go back to Godhead in this lifetime. Don’t make your guru come back again. It’s the easy way to go back to Godhead, just observing Janamashtami.
06-Aug-2020 Śrīdhām Māyāpur, India